Chapter 10:  A Summary

We have tried simply to show you why we disagree with the Jewish Calendar. Also, tried to show a brief history of the calendar until the time of the Savior Yahshua.



If this had been the case, we would have had to count days, months and try to get it all to correspond with the Roman Calendar or Jewish Calendar in some fashion.

The Problem!

The Jewish nation followed to a certain extent the Babylonian Calendar when they came back from captivity.

The Jewish Calendar that is used today followed the Roman Calendar

Many have attempted to do this very thing, and it usually comes up wrong in some way. They then are forced to add, or take away days per month, figure in leap years and so on.

For example, the Jewish Calendar has used the Roman Calendar when it was made. Clearly this is a mixture with the Roman Calendar which is entirely pagan.

Many today attempting to write a "Holy Day Calendar" still do the same, using the Roman Calendar as a basis.

Yahweh does not accept any man made calendars in regard to His Holy Days!

If we could only forget man made calendars and accept His commandments in regard to keeping His Holy Days, then our problems would be at an end!

What is it that we have done then?

The answer is quite simple: We have decided to let Yahweh show us through His scriptures when to count for the Holy Days!

The "calendar" we arrived at is simply based on Instructions, Commandments, and understanding!


  1. To let Yahweh show us when to begin the months, by providing the sign in the heavens (a miracle of Yahweh's time clock) called the Vernal Equinox! This begins the growing and harvest season.
  2. To let Yahweh show us by the first (Conjunction) on or after the V.E., when to start counting to the Holy Days. This also is one of His miracles.
  3. To let Yahweh show us when the beginning of each month begins by the (conjunction of the Sun, Moon and Earth).
  4. To let Yahweh show us when the growing and harvest season ends. The end of year by the Autumn Equinox. Another of Yahweh's miracles.

By following YHWH’s instruction, regardless of what the Roman calendar says, we then would be in harmony with Him.

Yahweh says to His people "Come ye out of Babylon"

The world is locked into the Babylonish system today. By following Yahweh's laws in regard to His Holy Days, is one of the ways to come out.

The choice is:


For example starting in the year 2000, and these are the beginnings of the month of the Roman Calendar, by the conjunction!

  • First month - April 5
  • Second month - May 4
  • Third month - June 2
  • Fourth month - July 2
  • Fifth month - July 31
  • Sixth month - August 30
  • Seventh month - September 28
  • Eighth month - October 28
  • Ninth month - November 26
  • Tenth month - December 26
  • Roman year 2001
  • Eleventh month - January 24
  • Twelveth month - February 23

Because it is after the Vernal Equinox, we start the Beginning over again.

  • Beginning of the first month= March 24

This would bring a total of 360 days from April 5 to March 24.

  • Second month - April 23
  • Third month - May 23
  • Fourth month - June 21
  • Fifth month - July 21
  • Sixth month - August 19
  • Seventh month - September 18
  • Eighth month - October 17
  • Ninth month - November 16
  • Tenth month - December 15
  • Eleventh month - Jan 14
  • Twelfth month - February 12
  • Thirteenth month - Mar 14

Because it is way before the V.E., we wait another month.

  • Beginning of the first month= April 12

You will notice, there are 11 months in one year and 13 in the next.

The resulting confusion, is caused by man being forced to reconcile with the (Roman calendar) and it simply will not jive with Yahweh's Holy days. It just does not work!

Getting in harmony with Yahweh's instructions does. When YHWH’s instructions are implemented, the barley harvest will work, the end of the year will work and we will be keeping the Holy Days with Him, on His Days.

We will just have to let the Roman calendar do its thing, until Yahshua returns. Then the calendar will be made right.

No longer will Yahweh have to say, "YOUR" Feasts; He can then say "MY FEASTS!

Won't that be a wonderful time, when all the children of Yahweh gather together on the same day to celebrate His Feasts together!

Isaiah 1:14
Your new moons and your appointed feasts my soul hateth: they are a trouble unto me; I am weary to bear [them].

Amos 5:21
I hate, I despise your feast days, and I will not smell (take any delight) in your solemn assemblies...


-End of Study-