Sabbath Bible Classes

At the Congregation of YHWH, we have many families that come each sabbath with children ranging from small babies to older teens. We realize that each demographic of age is different and have taken that into account when making these classes available to those wanting to participate. There are two rooms in use for children not at the age of accountability (twenty years). Below are the rooms, times, and a little bit of information on what you can expect your child to be a part of.


Children's Class

For ages six through twelve, there is a children's class each sabbath during the time of the sermon. This is a relatively new change, but one we are hoping will show better results for the children in attendance. This class caters to those old enough to understand what the sabbath is, but not yet old enough understand the full meaning behind observing it. Children come to listen to stories out of the Old Testament and works of YHWH's son, Yahshua the Messiah, from the New Testament. Questions ranging from how to apply the ten commandments and fruits of the spirit to their day-to-day lives, to what/where is Judah are all answered here. Students are expected to keep this room clean. After class is over, the room will be locked. There are no classes available on fifth sabbaths, nor on high days.

Teens' Class

For those who have moved on from the milk to the meat, we offer this class to teenagers eager to expand their knowledge. Ages thirteen to eighteen are welcome to attend this class that runs during the time of the study on first and third sabbaths. This time is not new, but its location is. The teen class has been moved to share the space of the children's class in order to promote their learning in a more productive environment. This class is held in the hopes that those attending will become better versed in what is in scripture and what is expected of them once they reach the age of accountability. By reading, discussing, and studying from both the Old and New Testaments, they improve on the knowledge that they came with and prosper new ideas and concepts that will aid them in participating in sermons.

This class will only go in session when more than two are in attendance. 


The Mothers' Room

While not a class, it is a learning environment. We believe that everyone should have access to listening in on the study and sermon in order to foster a will and desire to seek out answers to any questions they may have. This includes our mothers with young children; toddler and infant aged. By placing a TV with a connection to view the speaker, we have enabled those who want to watch over their children to also be a part of what is being preached. 

This room includes sleeping mats and cribs, age appropriate toys and books, and a small table fit to color on. Here, children may quietly play and entertain themselves while their adult looks on and supervises. Children should not be dropped off in this room to play by themselves though, as an adult (mother, father, or age accountable sibling, etc.) must be present. After the last prayer has been said, this room will be locked for the remainder of the sabbath. If a nursing mother requires this room during the time of fellowship, it can be reopened for her use only.