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Mardi Gras – Lent – Ash Wednesday – Palm Sunday – Holy Week

“SHROVE TUESDAY is the day before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Its name came from the old custom of confessing (being shriven) on that day. Shrove Tuesday is a time of rejoicing in many countries and communities. It is the last day of the carnival season of southern Europe, and corresponds to the Mardi Gras of the French and the Pancake Tuesday of the English.”

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Passover ~ Old Covenant – New Covenant

"The moon has been used to determine the months, as the Jews still do today. Many look to observe the tiny crescent moon to start the month. But that's confusing as it depends on where you are - it doesn't happen on the same day, at the same time everywhere. And Scripture tells us that Yahweh is not the author of confusion. But the conjunction of the moon occurs at one split second, all over the world. That is when the moon comes directly between the earth and the sun and nothing of the moon can be seen. That is what is being referred to in this article as the new moon.

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