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Daily Living

Personal Growth


YHWH's Calendar

Man's Calendar

  • Chanukah ***
  • Chinese Dragons *** 
  • Christmas – Messiah’s Birthday? *** 
  • Easter – A Religious Counterfeit! ***
  • Halloween – Satan’s Trick ***
  • Happy New Year? ***
  • St. Patrick’s Day ***
  • This is Purim ***
  • Thanksgiving: The True Harvest Festival? *** 
  • Valentines – A Symbol of Love or Paganism ***

Prophecy and YHWH's Kingdom


The Names

Note: Changes were made in restoring the names, and replacing some words with what we feel are better translations. The following changes were made:

God Elohim
Lord Yahweh
Jesus Yahshua
Christ Messiah
Church Services/Congregation
Holy Set Apart
Bible Scriptures