Donate and Tithe


At the Congregation of YHWH, we keep active through donations alone. Our source of income in order to keep the building, week after week, is through the monetary donations. This money does not go toward our speakers nor the board members. They get behind the pulpit and assist the congregation's activity through the kindness of their heart and want to strive forward through Yahweh. To help us stay in Irving, and then eventually get our own land and building (instead of renting), we ask, if you are able, to give money when able through our PayPal. If you do so, you'll receive a donations receipt at the end of the calendar year by email and/or physical letter from the Congregation of YHWH.


We accept other charitable acts as well. If you would like to volunteer for the following: keeping the food pantry stocked and organized, photographer for Instagram, assisting with outreach program recording, teaching teens' class, teaching kids' class, cleaning the building (not on the sabbath), and help shop for supplies for the building when needed (not on the sabbath).

It is expected and hoped that all congregational members will assist with the annual building cleaning before the Feast of Unleavens and packing and un/loading the truck for the Feast of Tabernacles. Helping each other for these events gets the job done quicker and makes the feast run more smoothly. 


Tithes, as spoken of in Deuteronomy 14:22-26, are voluntary offerings of your yearly increase. Fruit of the land, firstlings of the flock, or silver are listed as yields that should be brought forth every year. If you cannot bring in grain or herd offerings, then silver offerings should be given.