More On Our Beliefs


Who do you worship and give praise to?


, the heavenly father. We take to heart his son, the Messiah, Yahshua's teachings.


Why on Saturday?


The entirety of the Old Testament was not done away with, so we continue to follow the
ten commandments. It says that the sabbath day, the day of rest and worship and praise,
should be be done on the seventh day, Saturday.

Who speaks?


People who speak for leading the studies and sermons are men who are single or have been
married to one woman. Those who continue on walking the straight and narrow path, who
have grown to understand the Word, will move on from speaking at the pulpit for only studies,
to being able to hold a sermon. All men, of the accountable age, regardless of their prior
martial status, may lead prayer and song services before the congregation.

Are you Messianic?


No, we do not follow the traditional Jewish rituals. Instead, we follow a combination of the
Old and New Testaments, believe in the Messiah, and follow the Torah within the fulfillment by Yahshua.

Are you Seventh Day Adventist?


No, our belief system contradicts with Seventh Day Adventist observation. 

Do women need to wear head coverings at service? Are they allowed to wear pants?


We discuss wearing head coverings, beards, and states of dress in our booklet here. Through
reading it, you may come to your own decision and understanding of what you would like to
do. Though, we, ourselves, do not force any female attendees to cohere to a set standard of
dress at our congregation. 

What are the feast days, and why do you not celebrate holidays?


The feast days (found in Leviticus 23) follow the calendar set in scripture that follows the
lunar cycle. These holy convocations include the weekly sabbath, the Passover memorial,
the feast of unleavened bread, the feast of weeks, the feast of trumpets, the day of
atonement, and finally the feast of tabernacles, which contains the Last Great Day as well. 

We do not celebrate man's holidays that follow the Gregorian solar calendar. These include
days that promote sin or twisted versions of feasts that do not follow doctrine.

Why do you eat certain foods but not others?


In Leviticus chapter 11, the food laws were listed clearly as what could and could not be eaten.
We continue to follow this because even with Yahshua's arrival, these stipulations were not
done away with (unlike sacrificing). We hold the idea of kosher foods by using Leviticus 11 as
a guide. 

Peter's dream in Acts chapter 10 is referenced to be the New Testament's stance against the
doctrine of clean and unclean foods. This is actually taken out of context. The entirety of the
chapter is a narrative of Peter seeing that we should not discriminate against others, be they
gentile or non-believer. 

Will you be having live streams weekly?


Our existing Outreach program takes up more of our time and is top priority. More people
are able to view the speakers' messages over DVD and hear on CD than being able to view
on the web, according to the existing follower base. 

That being said, we have seen how helpful live streaming is through Periscope weekly (and
Facebook Live). We appreciate our viewers and are looking to improve the features we have
to better assist the Word being put out. Starting January 2019, we will have our livestreams weekly over Facebook Live. You can find out more here.


For more information, please feel free to send an email to us here, or give us a call here. We are more than happy to answer questions that you might have regarding scripture and what it contains. If you would like to discuss these questions and inquiries with others beside the pastor, you can visit us on any sabbath during our gathering times.