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2013-22 Calendar Card

2013-22 Calendar Card

Posted 06/04/09 Link : …WHICH BIBLICAL FESTIVAL CALENDAR DO YOU CHOOSE TO FOLLOW?…Full Article-click here

Many have come through churches which insisted on, and continue to use, the Hebrew (or Jewish) calendar, and will consider nothing else. Before forging ahead, let’s take a little time to look at the Hillel II Jewish Calendar and see if that is the one we wish to pursue. How well does it meet with Scriptures? After all, Scripture is the basis of what we are doing.

Posted 06/04/09 Link : …WHERE ON EARTH IS THE PLACE OF SAFETY?…Full Article-click here

In the 1960’s there was a church organization that taught about a place of safety where its believers would be hidden. It was said that the church would flee there to be protected from the events bringing about the end of the world, especially as described in the book of Revelation. Once that was all over, the place of safety would be left behind. The church would emerge to help lead the survivors in rebuilding and teaching the way of truth.

Posted 04/17/09 Link: …TRADITIONS OF THE ELDERS…Full Article-click here
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Too many today come into Yahweh’s congregation, but are not totally satisfied. They begin to look for something more because they feel something is missing and that the congregation is not doing enough. After a while, some begin to take a look at Judaism for the way to worship Yahweh. After all, doesn’t Judaism teach the law? The truth? Judaism claims the law was given to them; they have passed it down through generations and continue as the “Chosen People.” People often turn there because they like the rituals and the “feeling” they get as they work through those customs and traditions.

Posted 07/02/07 Link: ...Why doesn't The God of Judaism & Christianity have a Name?...Full Article-click here

With Islam in the news so much and it's adherents calling out the name of their god ALLAH either in prayer or just before they commit suicide. A suicide that results in the murder of innocence bystanders, the several questions came to mind:

  1. By what name does Judaism call on their God?
  2. By what name does Christianity call on their God?

Posted 05/10/07 Link: ...Is Religion a Part of Your Life?...Full Article-click here

Is Religion a Part of Your Life?

  1. If so, then what Religion?
  2. Does it matter which Religion?
  3. Does it matter which God?

Questions 1-3 all have a direct bearing on the original question "Is Religion a Part of Your Life?" Questions 1-3 define the How, What, Which and Does it matter aspects of Religion in your life.

Please look at some of our more recent additions located in our blogroll section.


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