The Congregation of YHWH

Our Local Congregation

The Congregation of YHWH is a small ministry located in Irving that brings in multiple families and brethren from the North Texas area together each sabbath. It is here that these congregates take up their scriptures and meet to discuss, study, and listen to The Word delievered by the board members. All Peaceable Persons are welcome to attend services here, as it is a safe and enriching environment that boasts participants from all walks of life. Please come and join us as we take part in reading the word of YHWH from the wonderful beginning in Genesis, to the enthralling end in Revelation.  



Our Mission Statement: To love and honor Yahweh and Yahshua, His Son; to study and teach His Torah; to make disciples; to love and guide His people; and to follow Yahweh wherever He may lead.
— Dennis Martin


About this Congregation

Is your congregation associated with the House of Yahweh?

Our congregation is completely independent and has no direct links to other congregations. We do fellowship with other congregations listed on our links list under “Fellow Congregations”. 

Which bible translation do you use?

Here in Irving, we do not have rules about what translations should be used. As such, each member is left to use what they prefer. Some use King James, NIV, the Restoration Study Bible, etc., in our services. We have though, purchased “The Scriptures” in the past for some of our congregation who wished to use it. The Scriptures is published by Institute for Scripture Research. Like all translations, there are flaws, and we study knowing this to be true for each version we use.

Does your pastor speak every Sabbath?

No, at this congregation, we have an alternating schedule of speakers that present the study or sermon. This gives everyone a voice and allows for more opinions to be presented so we can further our studying of the word without stagnation. Meet our board of members here.

What time does service start? How do you operate?

You can find out our schedule, meeting location, and more info by clicking Plan Your Visit

Contact Us

If you’re looking to contact us, we have emails, phone numbers, and social media that you can reach us at. Look below to find the option that works best for you. Also, if you’d like to come and visit us, to speak in person to our pastor, deacons, or any speaker, you are more than welcome to attend during our operating hours.

224 N Story Rd., Suite #138

224 N Story Rd., Suite #138

PHONE: 1-800-687-0150

(972) 986-5284

MAIL: P.O. Box 170309
Dallas, TX 75217-0309