Live Streaming

Our congregation has taken up a new platform to help give access to those who would like to hear the word of YHWH but are unable to. By live streaming, we are giving an insider's perspective into our worldview through how we observe and practice YHWH's statues and ordinances. Using the app Periscope enables others across the world to listen in and hear what our speakers have to say in their words of what they understand of scripture and what it means when applied to our day to day lives, here and now. 

By using Periscope, our audience expands past the presence we have on Facebook and Twitter. If you only have Twitter or Facebook, you can still view the stream, live. But, if you would like to see a playback of it, you will have to go to the Periscope site. When clicking on the link provided through Facebook or Twitter, you will be redirected to the site, where you can search up our congregation to see a full list of previous videos. Because Twitter has integrated Periscope as its live streaming option for its users, it is easier to navigate on there than on Facebook. You can still access the site on mobile from either social media service though. 

Tips for helping support The Congregation of YHWH:

  • Donate to our PayPal
  • Follow us on either 
    • Facebook
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      • Use the hashtags #YahSaves and #coyirvingstream and #yahbless when talking to us on social media!
  • Give us hearts on Periscope when we're live or super hearts to improve our visibility. You can find out more on how to use Periscope here

We hope that you will find that using this free service is viable source to your search in the truth. Please continue to support us by subscribing to our free CDs and DVDs and utilizing out live stream option too. Thank you, Yah bless, and shalom.